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Intellectual Disability

Intellectual Disability, also known as Mental Retardation, is a condition in which an individual’s cognitive abilities do not develop as expected for their age, resulting in a lower IQ level. This condition is often caused by genetic defects, although other factors such as malnutrition, infection, and exposure to toxins during pregnancy or early childhood can also contribute to the development of intellectual disability.

Individuals with intellectual disability may experience difficulty with communication, learning, and problem-solving skills, and may require ongoing support and care. While there is no cure for intellectual disability, early intervention and appropriate educational and therapeutic interventions can help individuals with this condition achieve their full potential.

At our clinic, we offer magnetic therapy as a treatment option for individuals with intellectual disability. Magnetic therapy involves applying magnets to specific points on the hands after a protocol has been established. The magnets stimulate the body’s natural healing processes and can help improve cognitive function and overall well-being. Our team works closely with individuals and their families to develop personalized treatment plans that address their unique needs and goals.

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