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Magnetic Tharapy (Acupresure)

Acupressure incorporates magnetic therapy as a means of balancing the body’s energy. According to acupressure theory, the human body is composed of energy, and imbalances in this energy can lead to illness. Magnetic therapy at Aarogyam Acupressure is used to correct these imbalances by applying magnets with either a north or south pole to specific areas of the body. This helps to restore balance to the affected energy and promote overall wellness.

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Our center offers permanent treatment for patients through a comprehensive approach that involves a combination of therapies. Patients receive therapy for three to four hours daily in a nearby room. The treatment includes four therapies that are combined to create an effective regimen: magnet therapy, exercise, activity, and the use of specialized machines. This approach is specifically designed to provide complete treatment to patients with cerebral palsy.

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One day treatment

Aarogyam Acupressure offers one-day treatment sessions where patients are invited to participate in various activities. During these sessions, we provide instruction on magnet therapy, exercise, and other related activities. Additionally, we ensure that the patient's guardians are well-informed about the treatment process and its underlying principles.

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Online Treatment

Our online treatment program utilizes a magnetic kit containing various tools, such as super power magnet, super BYOL magnet, medium BYOL magnet, Ayurveda BYOL magnet, half-inch tape, 1-inch tape, and 2-inch tape. We send this kit to the patient's home, and once it arrives, the patient can send us a video and report of their condition, as well as any other relevant information through popular social media channels such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Telegram, or any other preferred method. We establish a treatment protocol for the patient, and provide them with a video outlining the necessary steps. Patients are asked to follow up with us for three months, during which time they can contact us with any issues they may encounter.

Treatments of Aarogyam Acupressure


Doctors Tape
Doctor's Tape

The acupressure therapist is using tape to attach magnets to the patient’s hand. Dr. Vinod utilizes paper tape or doctor’s tape to secure the magnets to specific points or areas of the body.

4 pairs of super power magnet 1
4 Pairs of Super Power Magnet

By keeping 4 pairs of super power magnet in a wooden box, children are given magnetic therapy by placing their hands and feet on it

In this way the problems of the feet are cured by keeping the feet of the children on the magneto below the feet

2 pairs of super power magnet 1
2 Pairs of Super Power Magnet

By keeping 2 pairs of super power magnet in a wooden box, children are given magnetic therapy by placing their hands and feet on it

By keeping the hand of the child in this way, the problems of his hands are treated.


These BYOL  magnets (super BYOL magnets, medium BYOL magnets and ayurvedic BYOL magnets) are used to cure diseases by applying them to different parts of the body.

Other magnets and magnetic instrument (Chakraj magnet, star magnet, jimmy and auricular seeds) are used to cure diseases by applying them to different parts of the body.

Machines @ Aarogyam Acupressure

Leg Massager
Leg Massager

This machine is called leg massager. This through vibration in the legs of children, muscle activation and improvement of blood circulation in legs

Heating Stone Bed at Aarogyam Acupressure
Heating Stone Bed

This is called heating stone bed. This machine produces heat which is useful for nerve and blood circulation in the spine of children

TENS stimulator machine 3
TENS Stimulator Machine

This machine is called TENS stimulator machine. This machine is used for nerve stimulation in children

Broad Leg Massager
Broad Leg Massager

This machine is called broad leg massager. This through vibration in the feet of children, muscle activation and improvement of blood circulation in legs

Dolphin Muscle Stimulator

It is called dolphin muscle stimulator. Stiffness of muscles is cured by running this machine on the whole body

Climbing Board with Monkey Bar

This instrument is used for increase strength of hands & legs of child

Activities @ Aarogyam Acupressure

Standing and Sitting frame 2
Standing and Sitting Frame

In this, children learn to sit and stand.

parallel bar 1
Parallel Bar

Children learn to walk with this instrument.

Stairs 3

These are used to pick up baby steps. Its use increases the strength of the feet

Finger Exerciser Gripper
Finger Exerciser & Gripper

It is used to correct the steepness of the fingers and to increase the strength of the hands.

Standing Position 1
Standing Position

This activity is used for the child to learn to stand properly

hanuman position 1
Hanuman Position

This activity is used to strengthen the calf muscle & knee

Heel Stretcher 3
Heel Stretcher

This activity is used to give strength to ankle joint and knee joint

balancing board
Balancing Board

This activity improves the balance of the child’s feet

exerciser ball 1
Exerciser Ball

This activity is done to strengthen the neck and back of the child

Pedo Cycle 2
Pedo Cycle

By doing this activity with hands, the strength of the hands increases and by doing it with the feet, the strength of the feet increases

wooden walker
Wooden Walker

Wooden walker help child to walk and also support child to stand up

Exercise​s @ Aarogyam Acupressure

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Point Press Exercise

Various points of the body are pressed to improve the blood and nerve circulation of the child’s body

WhatsApp Image 2023 01 28 at 3.05.00 PM
Shoulder Stretching

With this exercise, the shoulder joint is stretched

WhatsApp Image 2023 01 28 at 3.05.18 PM
Butterfly Exercise in Supine Position

This exercise is used for thigh muscle (adductor longus muscle) stretching

WhatsApp Image 2023 01 28 at 3.05.28 PM
Extension of leg in prone Position

Stretching and strengthening of thigh muscles ( Gluteus Maximus, Biceps Femoris muscle long head, Semimembranosus muscle ) is done by this exercise 

Aarogyam Acupressure Excises
Abduction Of Leg in Supine Position

With this exercise, the stiffness is cure by stretching of hamstring muscles

WhatsApp Image 2023 01 28 at 3.08.41 PM
Flexion of leg in supine position

Stretching and strengthening of thigh muscles (Biceps Femoris, Semimembranosus muscle) and calf muscles (Gastrocnemius muscle, soleus muscle, plantaris tendon muscle) is done by this exercise.

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Mamata MajhiMamata Majhi
07:51 08 Nov 22
My child was seated by aarogyam acupressure
gaurav iglmkt.gaurav iglmkt.
07:27 24 Jul 22
Best place for baby bone with CP ISSUEWE GOT BENIFIT ON FIRST VISIT
Juma JanaJuma Jana
05:37 04 Mar 22
My child was also cp child but now he is walking on his own legs thanks to aarogyam doctors
Naveen kumarNaveen kumar
10:48 28 Oct 21
under contrection as a new buildingnice place
Myself S.N.Prajapati from Dehradun.My son Ayaan is suffering from PVL MRI.means several damage of brain cell. He is suffering from fits.His neck is not holding.he can not sit or stand and neither any feeling.hearing is good.On 14 sept'19 I meet to Dr. Amit Joshi at arogyam accupressure Jaipur.He started treatment of my sonAfter three monthMy son neck holding improved up to 70%.sliva reduced to limit, start siting,some feeling came,stant with limited support.imunity system also become improved.he also become active etc...I thanks to Dr who has giving such treatment.I think he is God for CP child.their treatment is fast than other therapy and 100% result.I recommend to all those whose child is suffering of no curable disease . I sure that they will find the result within two or three month.Thanks,
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